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*A:* Psychedelics are a class of drugs that produce changes in perception, mood, and consciousness. They can be used to treat a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and addiction.

*A:* Psychedelics are illegal in most countries, including the United States. However, there is a growing movement to legalize psychedelics for medical and recreational use.

Currently, you can buy psychedelics easily for research purpose.

We ship strictly to UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia and many more…

We DO NOT deliver to Asia and Africa

Yes, if you are in the above mentioned countries, we ship discreetly under 100% discreet level.

Yes, all orders are guaranteed to arrive on the date provided by the courier used.

Yes, Chemiverse.cc is a legit shop to order legal psychedelics online.

If your package doesn’t arrive or if it arrives damaged, you can get a full refund or we reship another one for free.

We are available on Telegram, Whatsapp and on live chat. You can use the above methods to contact us for fastest response. 

Telegram: @paxxitty


You can also email us at info@chemiverse.cc

After you place your order, contact us to make pay. After payment, we will ship your order directly to the delivery address you provided.

We accept all Cryptocurrency, and you can also pay securely via Cashapp.

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